Violence at NWU (Mafikeng campus) (video:Times Live)

This video was shared of facebook by the Intelligence Bureau SA facebook page. IntelligenceBureauSA

Stating the following ”

This criminal behaviour has to stop. Private security & Police are being forced to use rubber bullets to preserve human life and stop the continual vandalism to private property. These attacks and absolute disregard for human life including private property has spiraled out of control.

We need to all now take a zero tolerance to these criminal elements and stop the hooligans. The Police and Private security are doing there jobs and are mandated to protect and serve even if it means using what appears to most as excessive force, all other methods of control have been exhausted and they must now restore peace and enforce the laws governing our country. More than likely the Media will now caption this as students shot at with live ammunition… (media sensationalism)”

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