Someone should take the blame!

The loss of life, any life, is devastating but it is far more upsetting when the situation could have been avoided. Someone should be held accountable for the loss of lives of the two Thabo-Vuyo learners who died in a swimming pool in Sharpeville on Monday. Many questions lack answers in the whole story of how learners who are unable to swim end up being even near a swimming pool when it was closed. Who was monitoring these young pupils while knowing full well that they need special care? Where was the teacher who allegedly said that she will take responsibility for the children? This all smells of negligence on someone’s part. I say ‘on someone’s part’ because surely the teacher did not use force to enter the premises? Where were the security and municipal officials who should have been making sure that the place is guarded? It was after all maintenance day. Many questions remain unanswered but while we do that, we should remember the loss of the two families who for sure earlier that day thought that their children are in capable hands and will return safely to their homes in the afternoon, but that was not to be. This should be a lesson to people, especially those who are dealing with children at Homes and Early Child Development Centre’s. It should also remind those who are taking care of children or adults with special needs, that they should not be let out of sight without supervision for even a moment. One slip will result in a huge tragedy such as this one. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families, friends and loved ones of the deceased. But I still maintain that someone should shoulder the blame. Who will it be?

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