Creating and nurturing a love for science

Tumahole – Lasec SA (Pty) Ltd and the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA) spent two days in Parys last week Thursday and Friday.
They spent their time offering fun science activities and experiments to learners as part of National Science Week.
Lasec is a company that supplies science, laboratory and educational resources and solutions to clients throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa.
This exercise is part of Lasec’s commitment to improving education in the country.
On Thursday afternoon, Lasec visited Phehellang Secondary School. Over 150 learners from Phehellang and Boitlamo Secondary School participated.
Learners spent time making wind powered motors and rocket balloons that had to travel down a length of fishing line.
They also had a chance to investigate magnetic levitation, magnetic forces, optical illusions, slinky springs walking down stairs, and colour mixing with light.
The exercise was repeated in the Town Hall on Friday morning.
The learners were very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed doing the hands-on activities. The hope is that the National Science Week programme has stimulated an interest in, and a love for science so that more learners would consider studying further in the various fields of science.
The Parys Museum will also play an important role in future to stimulate children to learn more about their history and their environment, because knowing where you come from is an important part of the road you pursue.

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