This was all in the name of football

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With Super League in full swing, nothing is happening with junior leagues in some quarters of the Emfuleni Local Football Association. This confirms exactly what TOUCHLINE highlighted last week – that some Super League teams have no junior teams!

It’s the same story every season. As soon as the Super League starts, nothing is said about junior league. The junior league is supposed to be the first priority in our football but in this region we take the junior league for granted.

TOUCHLINE believes that the junior league is not treated the same as the Super League. For example, some teams have the guts to tell the Emfuleni Local Football Association to start the league without other teams, but why don’t they do the same for the juniors? The answer is simple: they couldn’t care less about the Junior League.

TOUCHLINE’s suggestion to the Emfuleni Local Football Association is never to allow the Super League to start before the junior soccer league. The first priority must be junior league and the Super League will follow after.

TOUCHLINE understands that the junior league has already started in some areas, but the question is:
Why in other areas and not at all in the Emfuleni area? Maybe the answer reveals where the interests of the Emfuleni Local Football Association lie? If one takes a single look at the executive committee, one will understand why. In the first place, some teams were excluded from the Super League.

TOUCHLINE’s advice to the Emfuleni Local Football Association executive committee is not to make a decision based on individual interests but instead, the interests of football. The current system will divide our football, coaches, referees, players, teams and the community.

Football is one sport that is well-known for uniting people, white or black, and the sooner this gets into our heads the better. Football is like religion to some of us because we can’t live without this beautiful game. Growing up in the football fraternity has taught TOUCHLINE to understand why some cry when their respective teams lose games.
This is all about passion!

Those with long memories will remember how some soccer fans used to bet with their wives predicting that their teams would win. This was all in the name of football!

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