Brush for them, with them, then beside them

A lifetime of good oral habits begins at a young age, well before the first tooth has even erupted.
It is the parents’ responsibility to instill these habits by practicing good infant oral health and by getting the child accustomed to having their mouth cleaned.
Prior to eruption of the first tooth, it is important to remove any bacteria and residual sugar from your baby’s gums. This can be done by wrapping a clean, damp washcloth around your finger and gently rubbing the gums.
Visiting the dentist by 12 months can be informative and provide support for the new parent.
Upon eruption of the first tooth, it is time to start using a soft-bristled toothbrush with a small amount of age-appropriate toothpaste. It essential that you assist and supervise the brushing process every morning and every evening before bed and to establish the process as part of your child’s daily routine.
The leading cause of tooth decay stems from the over-consumption of sugary snacks.
Never allow your child to fall asleep with a bottle filled with juice, milk or formula, or when awake, to sip on it for long periods of time as a pacifier. Parents should begin weaning their infants off from pacifiers and bottles after 12 months.
Infant oral care is just the beginning of a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene. If you ever face problems with caring for your baby’s teeth, we are here for you.
It will be more beneficial for you and your child to visit us before any problems arise.
Most children begin life with strong, healthy teeth. Help your child’s teeth stay that way. Your newborn is totally dependent upon you as a parent.
The decisions you make will have a vital effect on your child’s dental future.

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