My journey with fibromyalgia


Jacqueline Human – Gemeenskapsapteker
Jacqueline Human – Community pharmacist

My journey started about four years ago, after a horrible case of glandular fever. It felt like a month-long bout of flu, except that the body aches and pains never really went away.
After very expensive blood tests to rule out just about everything else, the specialist came with the diagnosis: Fibromyalgia. It felt a like a slap in the face. ‘This disease isn’t real! It’s something they make up when they can’t find an answer for what’s wrong with you, isn’t it?’ Yet, the effects it had on my life felt very real.
For three years, I was in pain literally every moment of every day. As a pharmacist, I am sure my patients thought I was this grumpy, serious person who did not always have the energy to smile. I thought, perhaps, I could cure myself. I enjoy research and I was willing to be the test subject for every hypothesis on where this disease originates. I went through the unthinkable.
First, the doctor put me on antidepressants, always two at a time. Sure, it did take off the edge so, at least, my patients would be safe but it never helped as the side-effects made me miserable. I was a walking zombie. The pain tablets, which I was at serious risk of overdosing on, always only took the edge off. I spent many nights writhing in pain. It stole my precious sleep and left me worse off the next morning. I tried almost every useless supplement on the shelves of the pharmacy, including a liver detox that had me sick for three days. Eventually, I said enough is enough; none of this is working.
Finally, the first breakthrough came. I was introduced to frequency therapy. After a very expensive long weekend, I finally had no more problems with constant swollen glands but this was way too expensive for routine follow-up. I had to think of something else.
In the end, a friend introduced me to food-based supplementation and a whole new world opened up to me! This is where my passion started for healing people in a natural way. This was the first time someone had taken the time to explain to me that our food is far too manipulated to produce the nutrients needed for proper cellular communication.
It wasn’t all better, at first. You see, natural supplementation takes some time to work. I was extremely frustrated! I thought to myself: ‘This stuff is expensive and it doesn’t work!’ Until it did. After about two months, I noticed I was regaining my strength and energy, little by little. My thyroid tests and bone density assessments came back better than before. Everything suddenly started working better. The pain wasn’t over yet but I finally had hope.
Now, a year and a half later, there are no more antidepressants. I can live my day 90 per cent normal, and pain medication is a fraction of what it was!
I still don’t know whether fibromyalgia can be cured and, maybe, someday I will find that cure. Heaven knows, there are still days when it gets to me but if 90 per cent better is as good as it gets, it is still worth it.

Here are a few key points I have learned on my journey:

1. Food-based nutrients are essential in supporting your body’s recovery process and sustainable energy.
2. Taking care of your pH levels is important as excess acidity can contribute to pain.
3. Overproduction of histamine can lead to multiple chemical sensitivity and a burning sensation on the skin. Managing histamine levels can be helpful.
4. A lot of people suffer from resistant yeast infections, including black mould that lowers your immune system and makes you feel extra fatigued. You should look into treatment options if you suspect an infection.
5. Lastly, no two people are the same. What works for me may not work for the next person.
As a final note, I must mention the importance of taking care of yourself. Talk to somebody who understands so you won’t feel alone. You are welcome to ask questions and share your journey at

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