New Year nightmare for pets

A cat injured by fire crackers during last year’s New Year celebrations in Parys.

We are once more approaching New Year and the nightmare of distress, cruelty and loss of pets as a result of fireworks.
Last New Year, the SPCA had once more to deal with pets lost, injured and traumatised, and tried to bring some normality from that chaos.
Under Fire and Emergency Services By-laws, the lighting and igniting of fire crackers in any public place without prior authorisation (Chapter 3) is forbidden. The Police should be made aware of this By-law!!
Last New Year “Big Bangs” were fired in Kruis and Kort Streets. It was close by, at the Town Hall where a six-week-old, discarded kitten was fire-crackered to satisfy some people’s sick idea of fun. She has been treated, sterilized and is still in my care.
Instead of wasting money on short-lived, mindless amusement, rather make donations to the SPCA to reduce suffering.
The other problem is the dumping and discarding of adult domesticated pets, especially cats. The animals suffer rejection, loneliness, fear, hunger and exposure to the weather. The idea that a cat can care for itself is nonsense. People are just running away from their responsibility.
It is extreme cruelty, not just for an hour or a day, but night and day, month in and month out. People guilty of this should be named and shamed, and face charges of cruelty to animals.

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